Wildfire Songtext - Tinashe

Wildfire - Tinashe

[Verse 1]
Feel the calm before the storm

I'll be leaving in the morning
You were my sweet summer song

But the summer's gone and I can't keep your fire burning

You're poison running through my veins

End it with a spark into a pool of gasoline


Flames rising

Hit me like a bullet

Finger on the trigger, pull it, pull it

Wildfire, burn baby

Burn for me

[Verse 2]

Castles crash into the sand

As they're swept into the sea
I could never understand

How you're easy come easy go

As you please

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus](x2)

Let me go let me go

Let me go let me go

Let me go let me go

Let me go let me go


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