Heroes - (feat. Laura Mvula) Songtext - Tinie Tempah

Heroes - (feat. Laura Mvula) - Tinie Tempah

[Hook: Laura Mvula]
Here everyone’s a hero
Yeah we all learn to fly away
No tears when the sun goes
Cause heroes never die no way
Here everyone’s a hero
We all got a second chance
And heaven plays piano
Cause heroes love to dance

[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]
Victory is ours
Mystery and power
History is sour
The future smells sweet
Tryna get into heaven racing through hell's streets
Dancing with the devil with my two left feet
Laughing with the rebels up on New Year’s Eve
As the devil in the red white and blue dress leaves
She says I’m a motherfucking C U N T
Say hello to everybody’s favourite new MC
Loving the alphabet except these two NV
Some of these motherfuckers getting too friendly
Why the fuck am I sitting next to two MPs?
Bullshit and politics tryna find out where knowledge is
Cause it ain’t in a scholarship
Or these schools and colleges
Studied by psychologists
Quality in my qualities
Tryna disturb the whole wild world with no apologies


[Verse 2: Tinie Tempah]
Fuck the fucking watershed and all the censors
Cause I’ll be going going gone from November
You ask me one more question bout our census
I’ll go deed poll and lose my fucking tempah
Nobody's safe whilst I’m focused on my agenda
No race, religion or gender
See these niggas get a sudden case of dementia
Them fashion bloggers gimme top marks for my spencer, uh
Spencer Hart, expensive art
Won’t take the tube, send a car
Bad women, Kendra Stars
Kickers from Ann Summers and mad La senza bras
Heaven plays piano, I'm tryna learn guitar
Are we any closer to God if we’re the stars?
Together we stand, divided we fall apart
I think it's time to show everyone who we are

[Hook x2]

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