Junk Food Songtext - Tinie Tempah

Junk Food - Tinie Tempah

Junk food (that junk)
Gimme that junk food (that junk)
I put jerk sauce on that fried chicken
And watch Kung Fu
Bitch, I'm in a lean state
Think I'm in a drunk mood
So you're tryna make a clean slate
Nigga, you drunk too
Nigga, this Junk Food
I roll with the G's back in Africa
My lyrics, they colder than Canada
You rappers can't speak my vernacular
This is bigger than music, I'm big in the fashion
About to be big on the telly
None of you niggas are ready
Bitch, I'm done with these niggas already
King of the, king of the ting, yeah, I'm taking the spot
Chatty patty rappers saying a lot
First they keepin' it real, they ain't making no pot
Next thing you know it, they're making the pot
I ain't treating these pagans, these pagans get blocked
I see these girls getting naked a lot
I hear these niggas are making a loss
2020, we gon' still be on top
Selling that junk food
Nigga, it's live O
I'm selling like Kygo
Dumi, that's my bro
I turned the riff into raff, fell in love with the money
I stick to the math
And I'm still addicted to rap
Yeah, I got the gift of the gab
Look what I did with the deal
Turned 150 racks to a meal
Fuck your emotions, man, fuck how you feel
Show them it's possible, show them what's real
You think you're bad cause you listen to Future
But you ain't got one thing yourself
You can't even come out your shell
Blud, I can tell, I can tell
Man have done too many handshakes
Understand when a man's fake when he's shaking mine
And I done too many mixtapes
And I weren't a swagger jagger rapper
Got a blatant lie
Man got a ticket on a plane
This place, such a bait mistake
Never paid that fine
Do it for the Insta, do it for the Vine
Look, my seat recline on my Calvin Klein
Junk food
Mic check, one-two

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