Lost Ones - (feat. Paloma Faith) Songtext - Tinie Tempah

Lost Ones - (feat. Paloma Faith) - Tinie Tempah

[Hook: Paloma Faith]
You’re only a man
It’s only right you let the tears fall
Know you're strong but you can’t take it all
You just lost one
You’re just a man
Don’t be scared to let the angels fly
Just let go cause it's your time to cry
You just lost one
You just lost one

[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]
Said that we would never break
Said that we never falter
I thought that we were doing great
I thought we’d make it to the altar
Love the critical acclaim
I knew that it’d catapult ya
Hands on the table where the pepper and the salt are
Only thing missing, rocks bigger than Gibraltar
Hey, said that if it didn’t kill me
Then it would only make us stronger
But in our final hour will we
Be wishing we could stay for longer?
Maybe it would make us somber
Wanna live and die another day?
You better change your name to Pascal Payet
You’ll always be the one that got away
And I’m over you and you over me
And you overdue and I’m over seas
Cause I called you names and you phoned police
Said man are all the same like there’s loads of me
We arguing along Dover street
At least try and smile in these photos please
And now you’re all alone, cup of Ovaltine
Whilst I’m with the one who I’m supposed to be


[Tinie Tempah]
You know they say it's better to have loved and lost
To have never loved at all
I don't even wanna watch you cry anymore
Just gonna let the tears fall

[Verse 2: Tinie Tempah]
Congratulations on the first
I wonder how we would have turned out
Some relationships fat people, some of them never ever work out
I put the stars all around you
I never let you take your purse out
But when everybody turned up
Only one of us was turned down
And girl, where you going with that attitude?
We both feel the same and it's natural
I ain't leaving cause I hate you
I’m leaving cause I have to
A half empty glass, two capsules
Guess I’ll never ever know the exact truth
If you can hear me, this is at you
I would have had her if she had you


[Verse 3: Tinie Tempah]
How am I supposed to be majestic?
How am I supposed to be mature?
When I’ve been tryna move towards you from the moment I could crawl?
I’ll still catch you when you fall
And I’ll still answer when you call
Guess we didn’t understand the language
Of the writings on the wall
Missing posters up of my heart girl
With my love as a reward
Speeding switching Richard's gears
Whilst I’m trying not to stall
Things will never be the same
My back’s against the wall
Cause the loser points the blame but the winner takes it all, yeah


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