Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg Songtext - TLC

Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg - TLC

Yeah, I've seen those girls
I think they look pretty cool but you know
One thing I--I mean you know that whole attitude about
Dressin in the baggy clothes
It's...I don't know I'm not into that
It's kinda lame, you know...
But they're pretty cute
Here we go!

[Verse 1: Left Eye]
Yo mic check 1-2, 1-2
We in the house
Yeah come on
1992 TLC kickin' off in your Mutha......
So ya best be duckin' fast
Yo T-Boz is ya being a boss
Chilli what's up wit' dat sauce
Dis is it
Yo "T" step on that (shhhh)
I ain't 2 proud, I ain't 2 proud 2 beg

[Verse 2: T-Boz]
Thinkin' short of what you got
Better get it while it's hot
Ain't no better love than your own
Unmistakin' urge 2 be
Sexin' with society
How can you be happy alone

[Bridge: Chilli]
When I need 2 feel love
Why wait 4 so long
Cause I ain't 2 proud 2 beg
4 something that I call my own
And I want 2 be touched
And feeling so much see cause
Everybody needs some good lovin'

[Hook: Left Eye / All]
Yo if I need it in the morning or the middle of the night
I ain't 2 proud 2 beg (no)
If the lovin' is strong and he got it goin' on and
I ain't 2 proud 2 beg (no)
2 inches or a yard rock hard or if it's saggin'
I ain't 2 proud 2 beg (no)
So it ain't like I'm braggin' just join the paddywagon cause
I ain't 2 proud 2 beg, I ain't 2 proud 2 beg
Screamin' loud and holdin' sheets
Scared that you'll be called a freak
Gotta let it go while you can
Ain't 2 proud 2 beg you see
Cause my man belongs 2 me
And I know that he understands

[Bridge: Chilli]

[Hook: Left Eye / All]

Yo Left Eye kick that rap
Realize the realism of reality treats
Us both the same
Cause satisfaction is the name of this game
So I choose to explain it's evident
Left Eye don't mean the rest of my body is irrelevant
In other words lets refresh your head
About pullin' down curtains and breakin' da waterbed
Yeah I like it when you (kiss)
Both sets of lips
Oooh on the TLC tip
I ain't 2 proud 2 beg (I ain't 2 proud 2 beg)
What I call my own
Just you and me (uh)

[Bridge: Chilli]

[Hook: Left Eye / All]

I ain't 2 proud 2 beg
TLC isn't 2 proud 2 beg
I ain't 2 proud 2 beg (no)

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