Red Light Special Songtext - TLC

Red Light Special - TLC

Take a good look at it,look at it now

Might be the last time you'll have a good round
I'll let you touch it if you'd like to go down

I'll let you go further

If you take the southern route
Don't go too fast, don't go too slow

You've got to let your body flow

I like 'em attentive and I like 'em in control

1-Baby it's yours, all yours

If you want it tonight
I'll give you the red light special
All through the night

Baby it's yours, all yours

If you want it tonight

Just come through my door

Take off my clothes

And turn on the red light

I know that you want me

I can see it in your eyes
You might as well be honest

Cause the body never lies
Tell me your secrets and I, I'll tell you mine

I'm feelin' quite sexy and I want you for tonight

If I move too fast just let me know

Cause it means you move too slow
I like some excitement

And I like a man that goes

(repeat 1)

If you want me let me know it

I'll make time but you've got to show it

If you need me, I want to see

But don't mistake me
I don't want you down on your knees

I need someone, a real man

I need someone who understands

I'm a woman, a real woman

I know just what I want

I know just who I am

(rpt 1,1)

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