Upside Down Songtext - Tori Kelly

Upside Down - Tori Kelly

[Verse 1:]
You have flipped my view
Yeah, I'm not used to these changes
All these brand new feelings I can't explain
But somehow I like it

And if I, find out
That you feel, the same way
As I do, I will love you
As soon as I can stand up straight, ohh

You got me walking sideways
Spinning all around
Dizzy because you flip my world
Upside down
Upside down

[Verse 2:]
I've been so confused
I wouldn't normally fall for someone quite like you
I'm tripping over my own thoughts
But baby I really like you a lot

(I wonder if you feel the same)
If you feel the same way
(I wouldn't know just what to do)
Cause I can't even stand up straight


Can somebody tell me why I feel this way
24/7 you're always on my brain
I can't really put my finger on it but
(You got me so twisted)

I've had crushes before, but it's not the same
Something different about you, I can't explain
Baby you're making me insane
(You got me so twisted)

[Repeat Bridge]

Ohh, yeah

Babe, you got me twisted
You got my whole world


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