Over - Bonus Track Songtext - Tove Lo

Over - Bonus Track - Tove Lo

[Verse 1]
Stay out till dawn
I can't go home again now
After tonight
Seems like I'm out of your life
No, it won't make it better
What can I say?
It's all too late

Tell me, is this the part when
When we part ways forever
Tell me, is this the part when
Part when, we are

Wish I was, wish I was
Guess we are, guess we are
Fighting all this fight
You're so cold without the love
There is nothing left out of everything we were
Guess we are over

[Verse 2]
Walk through the door
You see that I've been cryin'
Head hanging low
You say "where the fuck have you been?"
Should I deny?
And maybe dodge this bullet
You read my mind
I just can't lie

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

(Guess we are over)

I can tell that you know when it kills you
What you need me to say is gonna hurt you
Wanna run, but I stay cause I have to
Have to tell you
And I know that you're so gonna hate me
You did what I did, I would hate you too
I would hate you too
And we are


[Post-Chorus Variation)
(Guess we are over)

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