Ayy Ladies Songtext - Travis Porter

Ayy Ladies - Travis Porter

OK now ladies (Yeah)
If you know you bad (Yeah)
Don’t need no man, got yo own bands, put up yo hands
If you a top notch bitch let me hear you holler
Bend it over (Yeah), Touch ya toes, whip it out (Yeah)
Show them hoes ya bank roll
Slang it out, hit a broke ho with it
Poke it out, Damn Shawty you can get it

If you got some good pussy say (Yeah)
If you got some good head on ya shoulders
If you got some good pussy say (Yeah)
If you never let a hoe fuck you over
If you 'bout yo' check, drank Moet
Know the pussy stay wet, I need all dat
Tattoos on the back, I see all dat
You already got a man, I ain't tryna be all dat

I'm just tryna hit it by the end of the night
Lil' mama so bad and her booty so tight
When I hit it from the back, don't fuss, don't fight
When I put it in ya mouth, don't scratch, don't bite
I'm showin up, money I'm throwin up
Liquor I'm pourin up, go get you another cup
I told a shorty wassup, told her I'm tryna cut
And then I slapped her dead on the butt


Ah, 1234 give a booty 5
I like my bitches real thick lil mo' thighs
Richer than ya old head nigga no lie
Stacks in the pussy hole, call that the g spot
Real gentlemen, Fuck and never call again
Im hot, fresh up out that water, I ain’t even swim
Heard she got a nigga, well he could be a man
Man I wouldn’t shake his hand with a broke hand
I don’t fear 'nem nigga, boy Conan
Make a bitch strip butt naked like she pole dance
Standing in the club on a, on a couch shit
Grab the mic then announce this


Look, really I'm just tryna break the headboard
Baby girl, yeah ain't gotta ask or beg for it
Hell naw! Girl I ain't scared of it
Told her I was 'bout to go nuts with my hands up
First time I met the girl, she was in the club (Yup)
Booty like a dice game, just shake it up
Shake shake shake shake like a tambourine
Break 'er down, put her in a blunt like a bag of green
Ladies (ladies) and you know you bad (bad)
Then put yo' hands in the air (What they call her?)
Big Booty Judy, love the way she shake it
Drop it to the flo', gon' earthquake it


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