Don't Play Songtext - Trey Songz

Don't Play - Trey Songz

[Verse 1]
All night I've been fillin' up your cup
Dancin' on me while I'm feelin' up your butt
Aye girl it's on you, so what you wanna do?
We can take it to the hotel room
Oh yeah she said she ain't lookin' for love
I'm thinkin' that's what's up
Won't you come roll with a nigga?
Let's make this a night to remember
I want it right now, rippin' off your blouse
Last thing I wanna hear is, "Slow down"
Startin' to get wild, makin' sex sounds
Baby tell me if you're in or out

And girl don't play
Let a nigga know now if you gon' leave or stay
Cause I got a lot of girls that would love to take your place
Girl it's gettin' too late and I ain't with these games
So girl don't play with me
Don't play with me
Don't play with me
Don't play with me

[Verse 2]
Ain't no need in playin' when you know just what you came for
Kissin' on your body and your spot is what I aim for
Had your mind made up, hope it don't change
From nothin' in the future, ain't no frontin', all the bluffin'
It's somethin' like my third album, you ready?
I'ma take you to Jupiter if you let me
I know this is our first time, don't stress it
I know you ain't a ho, or else I wouldn't go so low
I like that and you like that
And I need that and you need that
You're love hungry, I feed that
Don't trip, baby, use your lips, baby
Let's get crazy, go below my hips maybe
You lovin'
If you suck it
Let's get nasty
I wanna do everything that you ask me, but


Why would I be wrong if I
Thought you came here tonight?
To give me your all
Don't wanna talk, baby look at the time
Why would I be wrong if I'm
Tryna be patient but I don't wanna wait
So I'm sayin' to you girl, don't wait


It's a lot of girls at the club we just left
You got my time, girl, don't you disrespect it
And if we ain't sexin', you sendin' the wrong message
Why you wanna play with me?
Why you wanna play with me?
Why you wanna play with me?
Don't play with me

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