Telephone Skit Songtext - Trick Daddy

Telephone Skit - Trick Daddy

Phone ringing

Girl what's wrong calm down
Girl he he ...
Slow down slow down slow down calm down slow down slow down slow down
He didn't call me
Who din't call you
He won't call me
Who won't call you slow down down
Trick trick
Yeah I keep callin him
You fucked trick I told you not to fuck dat nigga
Why he won't call me
He got dat double dosage shit don't do dat
Girl I'm feignin for it girl
Girl see that's what I am trying to tell you
It got me it took me a year to get ova mine
Cause it was so long
It was so long it was so long
I know girl I know guess what ima
Call him right know for you
Okay tell him tell hime to call me
Ima call him right know ima call him right now
Don't worry bout a thing I got you

phone hangs up
Fuck that ima call dat nigga fa me

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