C.O.D. Freestyle (feat. Jiveturkey600, Gfxlab & Kajeplays) Songtext - Tryhardninja

C.O.D. Freestyle (feat. Jiveturkey600, Gfxlab & Kajeplays) - Tryhardninja

You underestimated
And now the win in fading
I'm handing out defeat
Dead lobby like it's contagious
When it comes to C.O.D
There's no easy way to say it
Come one, come all, deadly free-for-all
My gun doesn't play any favourites
Doesn't play any favourites
No easy way to say it
Come one, come all, deadly free-for-all
My gun doesn't play any favourites
Doesn't play any favourites
No easy way to say it
Come one, come all, deadly free-for-all

All these rounds trapped in a chamber, but what is life behind bars?
So saftey's off, set 'em free, but they won't get very far
The enemies catch 'em all, you can call that Pokémon
And I stay lighting up that lobby like i'm that Charizard
Cause without a doubt I'm the first draft pick
You be on the wrong one
I'm a star, you make sure that the bench is a warm one
Meet me in [?] complain it was a short on?
Maybe you should try to get game time in game types with respawn
On second thought, forget it, man that's not gonna help
Cause you're a freshman, while I'm Valedictorian-esque
Because that's me in the chopper destroying everyone else
Keep killing you as you respawn that means you're [?] to death
But better run, you'll get chewed up because I'm armed to the teeth
Got an army of shooters I run [?] with a beast
Don't have to take that s truth, don't have to forfeit on me
Just don't get mad when you grab that bag and [?]
I make opponents look foolish, so press "Record" and don't stop
Enemies must be getting DDoSed because they scream "HACKER" a lot
Cause it's easy mode, all the others look like recruit Black-Ops bots
While most of you game footage got that word "Killcam" on the top
Just stop


[Verse 2, JiveTurkey600]
Uh, it's JiveTurkey600, rewind that
The Messiah, LeBron James of COD rap
THe Mike Jordan, the Black-Ops Crib
Got a port like Ray
The black top when I play
I gotta win this, plus I got Fast Hands
Move like Lightweight
Get Ghost and hack clans
Plus I'm running with and SMG
That describes me as a rapper, MSMC
I'm and MC and I'm a mess
They took Marathon Pro so I'm running less
Better get a vest
If you want to go to war with Jive and 'em
Them dude's a beast, man
2 on 5 and up!
If you sleep, you spot will get filled
Y'all dudes need lag comp to get kills
But it ain't helping no one up in this game
No perk, Cold Blooded, runs up in these veins


[Verse 3]
I'm in every lobby feel apocalypic every day
I'm on top of every lobby dropping bodies every day
Dropping every monster roster and look at what it did to FaZe
If you want to rip my lobby [?]
And when I witness little campers camping at the back of maps
My instinctual reaction to this is [?]
Never sitting back, camping, I'mma rushing and attacking 'em
I'm an alpha male, with a harder hit than adamantium
Inception, Matrix, 300 all in one
I'm running with a pack of legends onto everyone
Destroying every challenger, screamng "1 on 1"
I'm inspired by al prestador
Gun on gun? You're done
I'm the type of person who inspires fire to your soul
Busts the chains inside your mind and the freedom lets you go
There's a lot of things inside of me that you will never know
Cut your filler from my channel only showing me your bones

[Verse 4]
We're on the black top of gas pop
In this game of Black Ops
We aim for headshots
And we like robbers getting flag tops
We're trying to get the camo
Throwing ammo at your team
And this is battle but you stay
Getting handled by the team
Go on, try to leave
As the bullets start to enter ya
Make you scream "YOUCH" and Respawn like Machinima
My arms will diminish you, tear your team to shreds
And my team comes to finish ya
Turn your screen to red
My gun don't play favourites, but I'm coming for yor head
You thought I'd run around, so I'm stunning you instead
Make you a yong stunner, or yet The Boy Wonder
Who will KajePlays cause there is none other!
I broke through like thunder
Burn noobs like rubber
No curfew, I slumber
I will use the shutter
Playing noobs out as they work clues and cover
Come through the room and Tryhard bursts throught the shutter


My gun doesn't play any favourites

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