Am I Not Human? Songtext - Two Steps from Hell

Am I Not Human? - Two Steps from Hell

[ Intro: Nalyd Ecitsuj ]
You think you're original?

You ain't original
You were programmed to be who you are
You're a slave and you don't even know it
Those thoughts in your mind

They aren't even yours
Step out from under your rock for a minute
Let Nalyd have a chat with ya

[ Verse 1: Nalyd Ecitsuj ]
Yo, How do we know that God exists
How do we know what is positive
Are you the definition of an angel, or the opposite
If you lost your wallet and I found it

I would not commit to stealing it
But if the tables turned then you would pocket it
See I've ain't been Nalyd for long

I don't know who he truly is
How come I'm the one my peers always had a problem with
I show my music to different people and they ain't to fond of it
I'm in too deep that I'm almost gone with it
Mention me and people tend to get concerned and shook
If you took a look you'd see I'm not a crook
I'm reinventing hip-hop watch me write the book
I'm here to show the world three verses and a hook
I'm not the devil, I'm not speaking in tongues

I just wanna touch your heart

I'll try to do it in this song
I'm from a small town thats pass time is drugs

Because it's hard to become a someone

From where I'm from

[ Hook: Nalyd Ecitsuj ]
When the suns down

Non-Existent Rainbows soar in the air so high
It may seem so that I can't see

But the darkness provides the light for me
I don't wanna be lonely

If only the moon was down here to hold me
If there is a higher power then show me

Instead of Non-Existent Rainbows

[ Verse 2: Nalyd Ecitsuj ]
It's clearly visible that I am not a human

I'm definitely not one of you
I can see right through each and every one of you
And those corporate suits will try to glue me from my shoe

To blend in with all these other generics that are red and blue

Mix the two an get violet
I'm more violent too

So combining the stew makes me

A one of a kind different breed
I'm not even on the local radar

So listening to me is like getting DLC
Cause none of the lyricists can pee and get as much acid as me

I'm walking lyrical lava and they can't even get off the grass
I put my ass on so many tracks just for a video with one hundred views
It's like they snooze and buzz from booze

And I'm over here doing everything not to lose
Giving my best try

I get writers block and when I think to cry

I might just use the headphones as a noose to tie so I can die
Why is rap so good when I hear myself

Yet they sound so dry
I guess the good rappers get shelved as the whack ones get famous
There followers are brainless
But in corpo's eyes they are gonna feed you a shitty playlist
Hacks you've become ignoramus
You showed me I'll never make it
I'm still trying so maybe it's the mirror I should be blaming
If I break in I'll be another stat of what the government created


[ Verse 3: Nalyd Ecitsuj ]

We're all smart and know what is bad and good for us

But when you got offered some marijuana you took a puff

Your brain is a fucking powerhouse

But what? You took a puff and fucked it up

It's people like you who talk that shoulda,coulda,woulda stuff

You probably threw your life away so you could get high

With no license or car

So you're bumming rides to get by

Saying. I should have done this or

I should have hung with this guy

I'm broke as fuck, my rents high

Oh I should have realized

I'm not being cruel it's common shit that I address

I more than likely will never get signed, Yes

But I will waste my blood and sweat to invest

I should be the best but I'm logged in as a guest

I have no skill

Setting myself up for a higher mess

I work around the clock

No slack, No time to rest

I'm in it til' my dying breath is gone

Life is hell, Watch as I paint a fake smile on

[Hook] x2

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