Hollywood Niggaz Songtext - Tyga

Hollywood Niggaz - Tyga

I heard niggas hatin' on me from the sideline, mm, nice try
Can't see you niggas anyway, too busy standing on my pride, ah
Yeah yeah, got a lot lotta shit to say, so I'mma start off saying this
I can give a fuck what a magazine say, get off my dick, hm
That's the tip, mhm

[Verse 1]
I see your pockets getting chubby, get a loan from me
Don't leave your bitch alone in the room with me
Tying rope or comatose her in a coma, homie
Little little homie bigger than your biggest homie
Rich Homie Quan told me just get richer homie
So I'mma keep making millions independent homie
The money greener than the reefer Wiz Khalifa showed me
I'm up in London smoking skunky with some (real niggas only)


I don't fuck with no broke bitches
I don't fuck with Hollywood niggas
I don't fuck with no gold diggers
Only fuck if she dope, nigga

[Verse 2]
I don’t drive no Honda nigga, only fuck with foreign bitches
I don’t drive the speed limit nigga, always drive with my windows tinted
I don’t fuck with no petty change, only fuck with them big faces
I don’t fuck with no Breitlings, Cuban chains, Rolex faces
I don't fuck with no ratchet bitches, Maybach too classic bitches
I don't turn up on your time, Tina Turner, she smacking bitches
Bitches change like February, I don't dress like Tyler Perry
I don't wear no button up, fuck that even if she married
Pussy all in my vocabulary, she suck it wet like a aquar'
I don't fuck with no librarians, shy bitches and talking parakeets
I don't fuck with no broke bitches, I don't fuck with no petty niggas
I don't listen to none these bitches, yeah, only fuck with my money nigga

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook (x2)]

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