Interlude: Peanut Heads Songtext - Tyga

Interlude: Peanut Heads - Tyga

Hahaha yeah! so anyway girl
You heard who's comin' tonight?
They say, that nigga Tyga comin'
And you already know KingGoldChains gon' ball out bitch
Shit! I finna tryna make that nigga pull me up out of here
You feel me? Get me some followers
Get me only their take out
Bitch get me on Baller Alert
Get a T.V. show
Shit! Whatever it's gon' be, we gon' be poppin'
Aight! Hold up, hold up, hold up
You think I should wearin' a black hole through top or a sit through romper?
Shit! Who won't get it, bitch? You know the sit through
It's gonna be lit tonight
Girl, what you wearin'?
Hello! Hello!
Ahh. girl. Hello!

Hello! Ohh bitch
You know I've been talkin' to myself 'bout this whole day all the time
Ahh anyway
So, what you wearin' tonight girl cause you know T-Raww comin' tonight
And it's gonna be turnt yeah tryna get lit

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