Out This Bitch Songtext - Tyga

Out This Bitch - Tyga

[Hook: Kirko Bangz:]

She say I'm trynna make this work, you're doin' it again
Fuck this shit, I'm out this bitch
Say I'm out this bitch (I'm out this bitch)
Say I'm out this bitch (I'm out this bitch)
Say I'm out this bitch (I'm out this bitch)
She tell me
"you could have that bitch, you ain't bout shit, fuck this shit, I'm out this bitch"
She like "fuck that shit"
She got me like "fuck that bitch!"
Say I'm out this bitch...

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Same old nigga, make a stack in a day
She the same since high school, back in the day
Cute face, thick thighs with the lil' bitty waist
Since she just finished school, now she work in the back
Now I'm all in the bank, all in the bank
Probably with some niggas that be robbin' the bank
Robbin' the bank, now it's all in the paper
And she told me all about said "I wanna see you later"
But I'm in too deep...
She said she had a nigga but the nigga weak
Said I had a bitch but she told me she too mean
Man I really wanna see you, call me when the nigga leave
You know I'll be right back over
Spend a night over
Mixin' in ya cup, she don't like being sober
In love with her man, so she said it's gettin' late
Can't stay, Now we right back arguing


[Verse 2: Tyga:]

Now I'm right back in the same position
With the same bitch that I said I was quittin'
A minute ago, my control over these hoes
Dealing with emotions I don't wanna show
It's like one or two flaws
Dont wanna be involved with her at all
Tired of waiting, I'm gettin' impatient
Cheating lately with her best friend
And the head game crazy
Single now, livin' life, wildin' on the daily
Ain't got time for no sorry, I just bought a Ferrari
Cost me 280, now these bitches wanna call me by my real name
Baby, ain't got time for now motherfuckin' questions
To my exes, hope you learned your lesson
While you out stressin', I'm somewhere out sexin'
On to the next one, onto the next thing
No you ain't trippin (No you ain't trippin'...)
All on the TV, now she tryna text me


Say I'm out this bitch...
Say I'm out this bitch...
We-we-well done

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