Throw It Up Songtext - Tyga

Throw It Up - Tyga

Got a hundred bottles on ice I got all my bitches in the club tonight, ay
Bet she leavin with me tonight if it's a 187 all my niggas gonna ride it
Throw it up, and throw it up, got my whole hood with me and we trippin'
We about to throw it up, throw it up, got all my bitches in the VIP, throw it up

[Verse 1]
T-Raw one raw nigga, I can't fuck with no pussy ass niggas
Could have been a pimp mofucking gorilla
Catch ya niggas sippin' but they don't want a biscuit, ya
Man you niggas hate too much if it ain't about money me don't give a fuck
If it is about money I'm a need a lump some
All i have is threesomes tell that bitch come get some
Don't trip, pistol on the hip I'm on some g shit
Don't make G drink trip
I'm a air this bitch out if a nigga run his lips
Nigga don't get killed up in this bitch
Straight bangers, straight banging
Shout out to my 50 niggas straight banging
Everybody gettin' money they ain't just hanging
And I'm leaving with more girls than I came with
Cause I


[Verse 2]
I'm with a bad bitch switching lanes
I don't even know her first name last name
Raised in the era of the dope game
Reebok pump pump pump a nigga breaks
And my daddy had a Cadillac and now his son got a Maybach
When niggas screaming where the ballers at I be like right here
She gon' give me head for a LK hat, yeah
So sickening I'm fully tripping
I put my dick in a young vixen and dismiss them
A one hitter a Ken Griffey, a Scottie Pippen and pass em off to the next victim
A nigga rep Cal like Ripken believe it or not you niggas Ripley
You niggas too J-Kwon Tipsy
Till that cannon let loose leave you limping


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