OKAGA, CA Songtext - Tyler, The Creator

OKAGA, CA - Tyler, The Creator

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
Let's just run away from here (cause it's not, cause it's not)
Working out on Earth, my dear (cause It's not, cause it's not)
What you really want girl
My heart stops pumping blood, when I see you (I see you, when I see you)
But I try to play it cool because (I like you, I really like you)

[Hook: Tyler, The Creator]
Girl, you're so special
To me, to me (x6)

Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator
Let's move to California
Right now (pack your bags, go pack your bags)
I have wings on my back, so we don't (take the plane, have to take the plane)
Girl, I know you ready, I can see it in your eyes
(Boy, I know you're not, I can tell you're terrified)
Nobody has to know and if they did, they wouldn't care
(When you rub my hands switching fifth gear)
Forget about it baby, let's not waste our afternoon (forget about it baby)
Cause we're gonna go fly to the moon (we're gonna go fly to the moon)
Yeah, but anyway (Pack your bags, need you pack your bags)
Leave your crew, bring your coat, cause it’s cold ( leave your crew, bring your coat)


[Verse 3: Alice Smith (Leon Ware)]
(Don't you wanna go back
Let's go, let's go
Right now)
I think I believe you (Let me show you how girl)
It's nice that I need to
The earth is so rough I'm not calling your bluff
What, what, what (She would love that)
I think I believe you
Take me higher
Let's make our way over
To the Okaga cave
There we will stay, play it cool now
X-Y-Z her
Welcome me in
Then we'll begin

[Verse 4: Tyler, the Creator]
Suckin' on my ears,fingers rubbing through your hair
Fastwind, slowwind, fuck yeah, we behaving bad, uh
Probably couldn't tell but I be blushing when you with me
When you kiss me, swear to God, blood was rushing to my Jimmy
Laying on my trampoline, looking at the stars
From my fake space fog machine
Laying on my arm, it's dead
From the pressure of your head
I said I loved you, said it back
Like it was scripted, but you meant it
Like the flavor of that lemonade
That we was sippin on our sushi-ridden dinner date
Oh, you think you special now?
Other bitches trippin' now
Cause we're fleeing to the moon
Fuck Earth, man we sick of y'all
Wings on my backs and we ain't gotta cop a ticket, nah, nah, nah

[Coda: Leon Ware]
Oh yeah
Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
Oh yeah, let's go to the moon! (Let's go!)
Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
(Watch this) Let's go to the moon!
(Favorite director)
(Gonna be good)
Come on, baby
What you wanna do?
I’ll be okay
(I really like you)

Take me away
Fuck what they say
To another place
Another day
We in outer space
We'll waste our days
Sade, Sade, Sade
Oh, right now
Let's go to the moon (Yes!)
(It's about to start)

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