RUN Songtext - Tyler, The Creator

RUN - Tyler, The Creator

[Intro: Chaz Bundick]
Fuck you running for nigga?
Aye nigga, come here nigga
Let me try that hat on
I told you come over here stupid bitch
Come over here with that weak ass hat

All y'all niggas smoking y'all brains out
In the car called life take the lame route
Going nowhere fast but you think that you not
Cause you never hesitate to take the thang out
In the drop top, pop the trunk then pop pop
At his drop top, took another lame out
Oh you the big nigga? Took a hit nigga?
Well I hope you understand you ain't shit nigga
Cause them niggas whole purpose is to get niggas
And make sure that your mama cry the pain out
Now that gang is out to get you
But you stuck in the same house
Nigga never came out, wow
It's a shame how you got sucked in that life
But hey man at least you got a name now
They say you a "real nigga" cause you kill niggas
Nuts for that ice and that cream banana peel niggas
Banana clips spill, niggas wanna bang out
For they approval boy, you can't even hang out
That light you hit, it was the light I held
That's why you never ever see me with my chains out
I don't need to, truth they don't feed you
Lies what they got on their plate, they gon eat you
They got a homie called Karma he gon meet you
Better look the other way if he ever see you
And run as fast as you can, nigga

[Outro: Chaz Bundick]
That's the shit I be talkin' bout, though
We ain't try'na hear that shit, my nigga
Cuz, stay preachy cuz
Like nigga come on homie
I don't wanna hear that shit, preachy shit my nigga
Yeah, we all black, who give a fuck, cuz?
I don't give a fuck, nigga
Whatchu mean?

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