Cut the Cable Songtext - Umphrey's McGee

Cut the Cable - Umphrey's McGee

I'm closer to my coffin now
The offer's on the table, but I'm unable
Found, and lost somehow
The situation's stable
I cut the cable

[Verse 1]
If you want me too
Will I wait for you
If you think you can't
I can still pretend
I'll peel your layers off
'Til you ask me to stop
Until the current shifts
And you rip me up instead


[Verse 2]
If moderation's real
Could you explain how it feels?
Where does the basis stand
I never thought I would defend it
So I've established this
So many things I may have missed
Tell me who wrote the rules
I never heard a man that knew

If there's one thing I've found, that's always wrong
(This I assume is true)
And for you shot to put it down, in time to ignore




[Chorus] x2

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