Similar Skin Songtext - Umphrey's McGee

Similar Skin - Umphrey's McGee


[Verse 1]
It could be right or wrong
I wouldn't know
It really shouldn't matter
Maybe I'd be better
To leave it up to you
And if I knew it all along
What could I say
That would really make a difference
I doubt that you would listen to
What you didn't want to hear
It's just a line I had to draw
Cause there comes a time
That maybe I'd believe it
When they say that you don't need a thing
All I need is you

It always seems to be better
To hold these things in a matter
We all begin with similar skin, now
We'll evaporate


[Verse 2]
It's not the story that you tell
If the story that you sell
That really makes all the difference
So I put no signifigance
In what you think I need to hear
If I could turn it all around
What would you say
What really would you think then
As soon as I could blink again
I know I wouldn't change a thing
So you could be right or wrong
And I won't assume
But I'll know it by the feeling
So am I too revealing when
I tell you all I need is you



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