Astral Annihilation Songtext - Unleash The Archers

Astral Annihilation - Unleash The Archers

Run tonight, lest death find you

There's no escaping from this raging fire
No running from this flaming universe

Watch the stars collide as we fight
Among the far outreaches of the sky

Solar winds are phasing (winds are phasing)
As we forge ahead (as we forge ahead)
Astral fires are blazing (fires are blazing)
Lighting up the path (path)

Hearts are racing, battle weary
Plans are changing with the tide
One man army, winning clearly
His human nature must survive

Like oceans rising, waves of blood consume

Light the sky with explosions
To blind the enemy's eyes

To tear a heart out, there's no greater spoil

Fight with utter devotion
This war will never retire

Scorched as time keeps on fading
Eternal soldiers of dawn (march on)

Gaze upon
Ravished land
Stoke the fire
Coarse black sand

The shattered remains of stars surround us
And wave after wave of planets fall prey to this tragedy
There must be a way out of this constant hateful design

[Chorus x2]

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