Red Light Songtext - Usher

Red Light - Usher

It's crazy
I can't believe that you
Would be the one to do
Do me like you do
Get back here baby

Girl you let me
Have my way and I was thinking I could get it again
Baby we could be friends if you only(ssh)
And you show me
Just how quick your tires could spin
You were off in the wind
Tell me were did you go

When you left (oh)
I'm thinking which way did she go
I should have known that you would lead me on girl
I'm in the wind on cruise control
I gotta be dreaming 'cause I never felt like this before

[Chorus: x2]
It was supposed to be
Just a one night
In and out and I'm out the door
But she's got me sitting here
At the red light
Driving round looking out for her

Now its raining
And I'm looking over at the passenger side
Thinking back in my mind how you set me off
She was stopping and dropping me
Switching from fast to slow
But that ain't have nothing on how you got
When I got you home

When you left (oh)
I'm thinking which way did she go
The way you touched yourself had me up the wall
I'm in the wind on cruise control
I'm searching for you cause I can't seem to let you go

[Chorus: x2]

You know
I really only thought
That this would be a one night stand
What you doing to me
Come on
What you doing to me

She's running home to someone else(someone else)
Or maybe(or maybe)
She lost my number in her cell
(oh babe)
(what you doing to me)
Or maybe(or maybe)
She's never done like this before
Cause I can't see (can't see)
Her not coming back for more

[Chorus: x4]

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