The Pessimist (feat. J. Cole) Songtext - Wale

The Pessimist (feat. J. Cole) - Wale

Jerry: Oh so there's still hope?
George: I don't want hope, hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless. When you're hopeless you don't care, and when you don't care, that indifference, it makes you attractive

[Verse 1: Wale]
A nigga feelin' hopeless

Who am I to change perception?
If a nigga kill a nigga he's another statistic

If his skin's a little different they gon' say it was self defense
Nigga feelin' hopeless

Starin' at the idiom box, riddle me this

If a killer was a nigga would niggas still really care

Cause niggas worser than Zimmerman livin' life everywhere
Niggas hopeless

Small niggas with big tools

Couldn't get to Harvard, hard work, he hard whipped
Cause them hardy har's and hard nights

Are hard to live through

When you hopeless
What we gotta do to be winnin'?

Cause all the schools gettin' closed

Dribble a little, coach, shootin' at a foe

Cause they chargin' them to hoop at community center

My nigga, hopeless
25 bands, he was shootin' not a damn givin'

Cousin threw a couple grand at some dancers

Throwin' back their fat ass, is my glasses confused?

We're the hopeless
America's dream and nightmare in the same being
Even when being polite here

Niggas try to bring me down, the life of a pioneer

Lightyears worth of hopeless
Celebrities celebratin' disgust me

The cerebellum invaded with all these fresh things on

Watchin' "Love and Hip Hop : Atlanta" as we speak

Nigga we hopeless

Okay, the Steebie show is on

And so my broad rollin' weed now she's mad at me

Cause she seen a scene with Rasheeda baby father

Said, "You niggas all hopeless"

[Hook: J Cole]
Got a pocket full of lint again, but it make no difference to me

Fallin' out with my friends again, but it make no difference to me

Goddamn I'm hopeless

Oh man, I'm hopeless

Got no gas in my tank again, but it make no difference to me

Overdraft at the bank again, but it make no difference to me

Goddamn I'm hopeless

Lord knows I'm hopeless, still I pray

[Verse 2: Wale]
Nigga feelin' hopeless

Like a Penny with a hole in it
We as empty as a coraz

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