Amplified (feat. Rafael Casal) Songtext - Watsky

Amplified (feat. Rafael Casal) - Watsky

I Can't hear you (I got my headphones on)
I Can't hear you (I got my headphones on)
I Can't hear you (I got my headphones on)
I got headphones on (I got my headphones on)
When I look at who's around
And it feels like two's a crowd
I don't run and hide
I just smile real wide
And I turn my music loud

It's not practical to react to bull
I was thinking too hard and I cracked my skull
It's natural, erase all doubt
If I take my phones off, then my brains fall out
So you can shout, Empty out your throat on me
It just looks like you're lip synching Obla Di
Obla da, every time you go, "blah blah
Blah" I'm hearing "life goes on" like it's your mantra
So talk shit, but when it's prone to go down
You're afraid of your own bull like rodeo clowns
I stay low to the ground, I stay plugged in
And when my dome needs love, phones hug my skin
But Earbuds don't count, they're headphone loopholes
I want 'em bigger than a couple sideways soup bowls
And if you're saying next to nothing
Make like my playlist and get to shufflin'


I get up, when you get down to this
Keep cool, but still get loud to this
When it drops just can't deny
The mic's turned off but I'm amplified
So if you want to ride
This young son will come out tonight
And this one tongue will give out the vibe
With this mic off I'm still amplified (amplified)

[Verse 1]
We don't just write poems, we got a mic jones (mike jones!)
Giving a fuck, ripping it up in different time zones
I know it's so apropos that it's gotta be said that I was flowing so hard in the car off the top of my head when I drove home
That my own flows gave me road dome
So go bone man but fuck it if you're celibate
Screw the music if you do it cause you're selling it well equipped, man
We do it for the hell of it, never delicate hella ripped off the elements, earth wind fire water top rock echo box
Yo man we got Cosby doing jello shots I've been tellin' em the melanin's irrelevant I'm yellin' and you'll feel it from the ceiling to the sediment, intelligent epic and reppin' the Bay you're tripping if you're thinking that you're getting away, because


[Verse 2]
The sun is coming up and running through me
If weather is getting better, don't be gloomy
Let's get together, gather up and get it moving and
If you don't like my motherfuckin music, sue me
A new me, a new reason to be, So unseasonably fine
The ill summer grill serving supper with free sides cut to the 'B' side
It's Watsky covered in batter and butter and refried
The speakers are pushing the roof the tweeters the woofers are proof
The meters are up in the booth the subs, the mids, the highs, the highers, the lows, the cones all bump duh we're amped, that's the god damn truth we flowing low in this moment only to sew and be growing over the roses and now that we broke it open we know that we're dope enough we're hoping no one just can't get live
This is how we get amplified


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