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Seizure Boy - Watsky

Seizure Boy
Seizure Boy
Seizure Boy
Seizure Boy

The first thing that happens is the world goes black
You just hear a little snap when your neck rolls back
You don't bite your tongue off, or foam at the lips
And before you hit the ground there's a moment of bliss
It's like toking a spliff, it's like shedding your skin
It's better than the best trainwreck there's even been
You have to let it in, as much as it's upsetting
To wake up with bruises you don't remember getting
You don't remember how the hell you ended up indoors
You don't remember whether you were wetting your gym shorts
In front of Amanda, the girl you're after
Who already thought you were a fucking disaster
It's not like a last will, it's making me laugh
Unless you get your next one while you're taking a bath
I'm seizing the mic fast at middle school dances
I'm done being seized and I'm seizing my chances

It's all too much
I said it's all too much
Said it's all too much
And the world breaks your legs you go and beat it with your crutch

It's all too much
Said it's all too much
Said it's all too much
And if the world breaks your legs you go and beat it with your crutch

Maybe true
I got baby blues
And you got navy blues
Paid your dues
Name the tune
Name a hue
What shade are you?
I see purple people eaters more than world beaters
And I've jumped a couple hurtles burned some sneakers through the meters
Please, get the medic
Let it breath
I'ma be the baddest motherfucking epileptic I can be

I would grieve
Asking why's it me sleeping in the ER with an IV in my arm and my V card hurting saying God fuck if I'm a die a virgin
I'ma grab the first nurse working, flirt and draw the curtain
So who's perkin Doctor Phil's Pills
Tyler Durden Still ill
Thrillville Uma Therman hurting in the Kill Bills
This is to my sick kids
Time to flip this shit
Depakote, Aderol, Ritalin pixie stix
I don't give a fuck what you're on in the setting sun
Use it as a weapon when it's Said and done


Verse 3
Hey say that I'm crazy or call it a pitfall
I'll win a game of bloody knuckles hitting a brick wall
It's pinball hitting the limit to smash that glass
Take a minute to sit in the whip and then I'mana Mash on gas
Cause I be crashing that impasse with fat ass syntax
Skinny motherfucker off a bucket of slim fast
You ever had a gran mal seizure in gym class?
Had whiplash back when life was dishing out pimp slaps?
Fed up and we've all been better but I'm set to step up
Never let up cause the fall is just the setup now to get up
Regret'll never get the better of me with a sawed-off
When I'm having trouble talking someone knocks my writer's block off
If my eyes glaze and my knees drift south
And you think to stick a credit card in my mouth
I take Mastercard and Visa for my risk rewards
I'm not biting my tongue, why don't you bite yours?

Chorus (2X)

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