Strong As an Oak Songtext - Watsky

Strong As an Oak - Watsky

[Chorus: x2]
Everything is A-OK (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O-A-K (an Oak!)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B-R-O-K-E (Broke!)

Them rims them rings them things, you can bring 'em out
I just had my debit card declined at In-N-Out
The line is flipping out, giving me evil eyes
Fuck the soda, re-run it with just the cheesy fries
'Cause I don't think money is THE devil
I'm not sinking, I'm just kicking it at sea level
I got my floaties on
I'm focusing on all the wonderful stuff with the force of Obi Wan
Kenobi bro, I'm broke although I won't be woebegone
'Cause even though my bank account is low or overdrawn
I'm down to mow yer lawn
I'm getting open I'm soaking up every moment
And so we should make a toast we won't be sober till the BROKE of dawn
Because beer is cheap
And because love is free
I'm buzzin' feeling like every friend is a cousin, G
And someday we'll be reminiscing on some wasn't we
Just so down and out
But we were happy then 'cause…


Why should I sit on my ass on the couch and be asking why life isn't equal?
With lesser possessions I'm light as a feather and so I can fly like an eagle
'Cause everyone dies and I wonder why leaders in power would lie to their people
Be planning like they could be fitting a camel up into the eye of a needle
But dammit I'd settle for fitting a 94 Camry inside of my driveway
I'm sick of the image I'm living my life and I'm doing it my way
I'd rather be making the choices I'm proud of than chasing a mountain of money
But if that mountain comes to me, I'm climbing it
Got a brick and I'm laying it down
Got a shovel, I'm breaking this ground
Because I'm in the red, but it's only a color that I will be painting this town
Because when I make it then I dedicate it to the friends I stayed with
Who would do me favors even lend me paper when I couldn't pay for a little takeout
And to the fact
That whatever you think that it means
I be here and I'm living my dreams
And it's 'cause of the people I leaned on when I came apart at the seams
So gimme the moon
And gimme the spoon
I'm licking it clean
Until there just ain't nothing left
But who would lend a hand 'cause

Everything's A-O
Everything's A-O
So when I say Day-O
You say Everything's A-O

[Chorus: x2]

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