The Girl Next Door (To Everybody Else) Songtext - Watsky

The Girl Next Door (To Everybody Else) - Watsky

It's a song about girl the next door
I love the girl next door
The world's next door
They see her- everybody melts
She's the girl next door to everybody everybody else
It's a song is a song about the girl who sings
And every time you hear her sing
She sings for you
And you alone
And every other guy you know
She loves you back
She says she's with it
Loves you back
But wait a minute
All along she loved ya back
Enough to put a dagger in it
It's is a song about girl the next door
I love the girl next door
The world's next door
They see her- everybody melts
She's the girl next door to everybody everybody else

So, funny story
I was really into this girl, a great singer
And I had this musician friend who was really into the same girl
She ended up essentially playing a song for each other
But, we both had these songs that we were going to do together
So we just put them together

[Verse 1]
It's like a fairy tale!
About little chickenhead
Thought the sky was falling
So she kicked it sick in bed
I came calling (she pretended she was dead)
Feeling she was healing but the ceiling fell instead!
You feel stellar in your skeleton?
Tell a guy you fell for him then tell him he's irrelevant?
It's evident you think you're helen of troy
But you're hell in a handbasket
Hell of a coy little cruella deville
If it's fitting you fill in
Another filthy felony with every fella you thrill
You're cellophane
But there's a spell on us still
A man goes window shopping
And you sell him the sill
You give an illness that isn't a silly pill or some silvery penicillin
Or pity gonna fulfill and so willing my pen is spilling I'm drilling my point until
The pen point's dull
The end point's still
*in sight, I'm inside, I'm insisting
Get wise and quit with lip synching
In christ you entice the quick kissing
Rise in a bathtub full of ice with a rib missing
It's been decided
You can lie, but you can't hide it behind your eyelids
I provided rhymes and had to plan a hybrid
With the man that led this band who might have liked you more than I did
Or maybe as much
Cause baby that's what
Make me want to laugh
Just, breaks me right in half cause
It really adds up
Dwelling on this sad stuff
Cellibacy mad sucks
When everybody tapped once
Including a best friend
Then one of my roommates
You said it was just then
But shit it was too late
So what's your group rate
Cause we've waiting our turn
To watch you eat your words
And catch some heartburn

[Bridge 2]
Guess that's the problem
When you have a bunch of people who are artists
You end up falling in love because they're amazing on stage and it's too bad
Because she really does sing like an angel

[Verse 2]
Here! is where you would have sung the verse
Here! is where you'd have to catch you breath
Here! is where you might forget the words
Haha that where you'd laugh to fill the rest
Here! is where you'd hit another high note
Here! is where you'd make it pretty, shit if I don't
Here! is where we'd really try to be friends
Funny how the shallow girls end up off the deep end
First I met your ass last year
First day of class, you were mad sincere
Then you went and chose my friend for benefits
Then he did the same and said it was the end of it
Then funny thing, I got up on the TV
Then coincidentally you said you'd like to see me
Then you stood me up on just our second date
Out with mister music
Then you used him for your serenade


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