Ugly Faces Songtext - Watsky

Ugly Faces - Watsky

Back in the day
Daddy would say
That if I kept on making ugly faces
And I wasn't careful it'd stay that way
Oh great! Wow, no shit
Ooh, hooray, that's so sick! [Oooh! Ack! Brrrr]
With a little bit of luck maybe one of those sticks

I'll be feeling a hella of a lot of swell
And from the second that I step in I'll be smelling like a big cheese
Everybody better be ready to get it get it
Cause I'm getting nekkid if you really want a strip tease
And the babies in their highchairs taking off their bibs
And their mommies all be ripping out their wig weaves
And the pretty people in the oil paintings on the wall
Are popping molly and they're stripping off their fig leaves
Better burn your clothes
It'll curl your toes
Kissing women and they turn to toads
I'm pimping Kermit's hoes
And I'm sure that every girl is a pearl and the world is a perfect globe
But when I'm joking with my little cousin
And he pulls my finger then the motherfuckin' earth explodes


Sorry, not sorry (x7)


Everybody been in it to win it kickin' in for a minute
And chilling but you're tardy it's why I gotta kill it
And then hit the pretty people in the building with my party trick
I think I'm gonna walk out of the door
Hop in my DeLorean and I'm gonna soar
'Cept that it's a Subaru, and I'm yelling hoodie hoo!
Hanging out the window like I'm Marty McFly
A lot of the chickens in the flock wanna squawk and they get obnoxious
And all I hear is bawk bawk
And I'm not gonna wanna talk shop
Better put a sock in it if you gotta cock block
And be toxic and knock us and all we wanna do is rock rock and be raucous
I'm not gonna ever stop if you think I'm chopped liver in the crock pot
'Cause I am a boss hog and I want the top spot and I got this


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