Shapeless Songtext - Wild Cub

Shapeless - Wild Cub

We vanish in the heat
We're meeting in the city
We're dressing in the scattered light
We're making it our living

But in the night, we loose our sight
That distant kind of love
I disconnect my telephone line
I can't hang up the phone

And I said "I don't know now if you'll ever hear it"
I know that's wrong
Speak now if there's any sort of feelings
'Cause every breath I draw is for you

We took it out of our mouths
Put it out of our minds
We ran to be free of it
And we memorized our lines

But in you, the ink runs through
And it paints your blood like mine
We can't hide from it, or divide from it
All the whispered lies

Drive on forever
Drive away from you

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