Am I Dreamin' Songtext - Xscape

Am I Dreamin' - Xscape

(Ol' School featuring Keith Sweat & Xscape - youddiph)
Things are kind of hazy
And my head's all cloudy inside (inside)
Now I've heard talks of angels, baby
But never thought I would have one to call mine
See you are just too good to be true
And I hope
That it's not a hoax and it's for real

Am I dreaming
Am I just imagining you're here in my life
Am I dreaming
Teach me to see if it's real
'Cause my mind can't decide

No, no, no, no, no, oh)
Will this last for one night
Or do I have you for a lifetime
Please say that it's forever
And that it's not an illusion to my eye
And I, I hope
That you don't up and disappear
My love, I pray
That it's not a hoax and it's for real
Hear me out now
Sometimes say that sometimes
I need you to show me
(Oh, baby, I need you)
Show me that you're not a mirage
(I need you)
I need you
Oh, I need you to pinch me baby

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