LAX - Xplicit Album Version Songtext - Xzibit

LAX - Xplicit Album Version - Xzibit

It's so frustratin', so many hatin'
Somebody gon' make me break the law
But I ain't waitin', there's no escapin'
You better get ready for the war

[Verse 1]
A shotgun fanatic, who right back at it
You get mopped and dropped like a filthy habit
X, snatch and grab it, got you hopin' I fail
Cause if I fail you'd be happy like a faggot in jail
I'm full retail, guaranteed to sell
In my jet black McLaren with my mademoiselle
I'm strong-arm steady, you fragile and frail
You think you ready for them steady niggas? I can't tell
Sex sells so fuck you all, we came to bubble and ball
You gettin' shut'd own soon as I touch down
Bust rounds, enemies slayed and cut down
Fully automatic spittin' rounds with no sound
Break down your whole regime, like an M-16
Make sure the chamber in the barrel is clean
And the spring that's connected to the firin' pin
That's connected to the trigger when I squeeze it again, begin

Look, my top of the world, the best of the best
King California, LAX
Out the hood, in the penthouse, from the projects
One man, one gun, how the West was won, sing


[Verse 2]
Hit like a heavyweight
Breathe deep, meditate
Make the whole crowd get loud, make 'em levitate
I ride through my city like a presidential candidate
LAX, Phantom double R and accelerate
Stack build elevate
Crash through the prison gate
Generation hate, appetite to eliminate
X-Man don't spit rhymes, I ventilate
Traffic contraband, yeah, banned through the interstate
Got a sick flow, didn't know? Let me demonstrate
Renovate the game, new nigga that you love to hate
The left hand lands and the right hand devastates
Half part of your face replaced with a metal plate
Irate, get snatched to a better place
Let the detached decorate with the yellow tape
Detonate, drop bombs, make the earth shake
In Brazil with a half mill' in the briefcase



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