Be The Young - Acoustic Songtext - Yellowcard

Be The Young - Acoustic - Yellowcard

[Verse 1]
I made these wishes with you
Went coast to coast
And we both felt so alive
We traded safe for something
We just had to be
And we almost lost our minds
But we're still here searching

This is loud
This is cold
This is endless
And I know
Growing up has just begun
But there's a place we can find
Where this pain is useless
And we'll forever be the young

[Verse 2]
Summer came and flew by
Twice as fast
It was close enough to feel
And after all this waiting
For skies to fall
I need this to be real
Please let it be real


[Verse 3]
Where I was broken, I have healed
I learned to fight, I learned to feel
And I can't believe my eyes
You are still here next to me
All I need, you're all I see
In this life we hoped to find


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