See Me Smiling - Acoustic Songtext - Yellowcard

See Me Smiling - Acoustic - Yellowcard

[Verse 1]
The sun comes up and you are all over my mind
You're in my brain before I can open my eyes
As I go on without you my heartbeat won't slow down
I need you back like I need to air to breathe this out

All I can do is keep you closer now
Cause I know you're somewhere out there looking down
Wherever you are
I hope you can see me smiling

[Verse 2]
The sky gets dark, I watch the water here at home
It's ten years now and I'm still learning to let go
It's not the same without you, there's no one keeping time
You were the rhythm that was bringing us to life


[Verse 3]
Sometimes I can't help but think that
I had you right behind me all this time
If only you could have a chance to see
All the happiness you gave to me


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