Sing For Me Songtext - Yellowcard

Sing For Me - Yellowcard

Look at me, and listen close
so i can tell you how i feel before i go
just a year, it's not much time
for me to show you
i am proud that you are mine
i wish i had known
the future in my heart was just about to start

say tomorrow, i can't follow (you there)
just close your eyes
and sing for me
i will hear you, always near you
and i'll give you the words [ahhahhahh]
just sing for me

every lock on every door
i put them there
to try and hide you from the world
and you kicked, yeah you screamed
and never understood you're everything to me
i just hope you know
the future in your heart is just about to start

Chorus #2

no looking back when i am gone [sing for me]
follow your heart it's never wrong [sing for me]
no looking back when i am gone [sing for me]
don't second guess the note you're on [sing for me]

(all) out of time, all out of fight
you're (you are) the only thing in life that i got right

Chorus #3

(the Lyrics provided above are the lyrics provided directly from the booklet on the CD, the words in Parenthesis are what the song says that are not mentioned in the booklet.)---Lyrics submitted by Keyan.

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