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Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches
And I ride the main line, up and down Rosecrans I'm gon' shine
Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches
And I be on that Pac shit, Long Beach Boulevard, I knock shit
Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches
And you already know, dope come first, you gotta hold
Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches
My side bitch on the corner, my Barbie bitch is with a tool
Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches

[Verse 1]
Gettin' money, fuck snitches, boo-boo in a ditch
Beat up a nigga who diss, cause he ain't with the shit
He ain't a P, I don't trip
Then I'm back up in the fast lane gettin' to the money
Your bitch is ho-in', these bitches love money, get with it
So I put 'em on, all of 'em grown, they get dope
And all you need to do is just give 'em a lil' coke
So I slide that knowin' you hide that, pass the bomb back
Gon' and suck the dick before you get a little bread
And I'ma hit the [?] double up [?]
So I smacked the booty, eyes locked, Henny in my hand
Throw the brand up, different feeling, drivin' [?]
I made it
My niggas are payin', and I ain't takin' no payments


[Verse 2]
Ol' raggedy ass bitch
Throwin' tantrums, I'm tryna handle shit
All this arguin' outside the house
Don't you start, I'ma knock your ass out
You don't wanna ho, that's cool
You gon' get a job or take your ass to school
Bitch we need all them financials
Or I can put you in a car to Seattle
And we gon' be good when them pills hit
Set up shop in your hood like a pilgrim
My bitch envyin', they switch life divvyin'
No Gilligan, the K lit, hit civilians
Ooh the nerve of niggas
I found my own lane, why they mergin' with us?
Money in the air, fuck birds and feelings
They're for my niggas still servin' a sentence


[Verse 3]
Only want 4, I used to knock hoes
When it got slow, I used to rob
Why you fuckin' with them lame niggas?
I'm the same nigga that flame niggas, I bang niggas
I was only 18 when I was pimpin'
Set that bitch down right by Disney Land
I'd rather give you my bitch
Than to let you sip on my last ounce of Actavis
Now it's back to them bands
Back to them grands, whole lot of shit on my hands
What's happenin?
All in South Central, I was pimpin'
I was servin' them niggas like evictions
Look, kick back smokin' Backwoods
Without a real ho your pimpin' ain't that good
They ain't nothin' but a bitch to me
And y'all know that bitches ain't shit to me


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