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Ride With Me - YG

[Verse 1: RJ]
Now fuck the silencer, I'm shootin' through the pillows
And if the door's locked, I'm jumpin' through the window
I might be wrong but I ain't tryna work a 9 to 5
So if I gotta sell these pills, I'ma sell 'em high
Go get your business straight on renovated condos
Ratchet bitches whippin' chicken like a Roscoe
Niggas face tatted like Baby, Bomb and Bosco
And my city, niggas judgin' for what you got on
I'm well known from Atlanta past Fig homie
Me, TeeCee [?] 400, Mustard gettin' rich though
No Limit [?] gettin' money like what they hittin' for?
Follow code, gotta value morals and principle
Niggas actin' like they're pimps but they paid the bitch
Some of us ain't in the position that we say we're in
In one year I done moved in 3 different residences
I fell asleep and woke up in a new Mercedes Benz

[Hook: RJ]
Niggas wanna shine with me
But they won't do the time with me
Snitches throw their time to me
That's why I always ride lowkey
I just want a dime on me
Snitchin' throw their time to me
That's why I always ride lowkey
I gotta keep the fire on me

[Verse 2: YG]
I'm ridin' dirty on the L-O
Cause the judge givin' niggas body parts, elbows
So I paid 15 hundred for my stash spot
This janky dude, if you fuck with it, it'll pop out
Ooh I got a strike and a felony
But the homie ridin' with me say his record clean
So you would take this case is what you tellin' me
Oooh, you better not tell on me
You went to jail for a nickel, came home too quick
And you wonder why your homeboys never wanna tell you shit
But you wasn't too sure so the homies still let him lurk
'Til niggas saw that paperwork
Told the DA, he was just drivin', he plotted, he did it
He even threatened to fuck me up if I wasn't with it
Now it's all bad in the hood and he can't come around
Conversation's like, "somethin', somethin', somethin', gun that nigga down"


[Verse 3: Nipsey Hu$$le]
I made it through my situation and I stayed down
For niggas [?] it's nothing much you can say now
I'm so accustomed to sucka' niggas that hate now
I pokerface and then touch 'em, my niggas play foul
It ain't no rules cause these niggas threw the rules away
If I could pick a place and time I would choose today
See I'm the type of nigga die for his jewelry
Gang related homicide is what the news'll say
Playing with my reputation ain't amusing me
Playing with a nigga patience who are you to say
Short temper, fuck it, I'ma blow a fuse today
And when I lose my mind I'ma shoot a face
I seen 'em get away with murder cause he knew the way
Killed a nigga, went to trial, then he beat the case
So what type of example do it set, nigga
Play with mine, you can fuckin' get wet nigga
Yes, nigga


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