Come to Life Songtext - Young Fathers

Come to Life - Young Fathers

[Verse 1]
The nature is nurture
In response to this amicable lecture
Could it be written underneath the deckchair?
Play fair
False pretences
Underhanded tactics
Undermine your mind
Add the balance to the debt
When you hear the bells chime
Suck up noses
Retract slowly
Detatch the slack slogan
Pick up only

I heard it in a monologue
Reconsideration in a motorway Travelodge
Stand up, rip your honours off
History, survivor of the cannon balls
Mother doesn't sleep well if I'm not in town
She couldn't give a fuck if the exchange rate is down
So come to the rope in the service of hope
Gather all the children and head for the coast

Come to life, you're dead
Don't you go in there
Come to life, you're dead
Don't you go in there

Just before the [?] fuck it up
Ch-ch-ch-ch-chop it up and put it your pot

Tell him 'bout the visions and your feelings and the guns
If you come to a decision
You can come to a decision

[Verse 2]
Daily necessities, tangled by a safety net
Fixed term penalties, stocks on the internet
Paying for a green card, starting off at Bucharest
Talking to my mother
Send another cheque
Philosophical bullshit is the shit I resurrect
Smoke a weaker substance
And I suck a Nicorette
And mixing, almost there
Answer, before you say yes


[Bridge 2]
Just before fuck it up x 8

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