Can't Tell (feat. T.I. and Boosie BadAzz) Songtext - Young Thug

Can't Tell (feat. T.I. and Boosie BadAzz) - Young Thug

[Produced by London on da Track]

[Hook: Young Thug]
Niggas say they fuck with you, I can't tell, $500,000 Chevelle
I got bricks and birds for retail, I got 100,000 worth of belts
These bitches and these niggas know that they can't play around here
I call the spot elementary cause I keep a K around here
All my Haitians if you play they make you grady baby
I might shoot you in your head and then it's no more thinking
Pussy boy I'll leave you dead and call it dead-ication
I put Act inside my drink, they call it medication

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Hold up, pull up, roll up, pour up, ounces in a soda
Push up on your bitch and shawty I didn't even know her
See this hood I throw up, realest one I ever seen
ATL, call it XXL, cause we stay spittin' shells outta long magazine
Real nigga got a crown, better own that thing
If the game got a throne, bet I'm on that thing
Beloved dope dealer and a well known King
And a killer 'pending on how you put your spin on things
You know how many suckers get ahead I've seen?
Bout the same amount of pussy niggas dead I've seen
You know how many bitches in the bed I've seen?
They like asking me how much bread I've seen
More than enough, in God we trust
You love a real niggas then fuck with us
But if you got a problem with it then fuck "what up"
It be ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Got your bitch riding everything but the bus
She let me put it everywhere but the butt
I always tell the bitch don't talk so much
She said "Who I'm hidin' from?"
What the fuck, for what?

[Hook: Young Thug]

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Man I'm leanin so bad
I can't do a push up for a million
(Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean)
Catch a nigga baby mama
Make her give me nothing but ceiling (head)
Never had time to wrap and cap
And dap these tramps, my ice a lamp
I can't adapt, I'd rather slap
I rather pop his cap and naps, his mom, his aunt, his dad, his cat
2004 I was screaming everything, Gucci no Big Cat
And we was skatin' up, ridin' with the K's
Shootin' at all these big rats
Fuck a officer, Akon what it do bruh?
Keep these fuckin hoes off of you
When you get some new money turn new or
You gon' wish you would've or could've (waaaay)
Sit down and get rich like a booker
Might drop the top up off it
If I don't get into the helicopter
Feeling like I'm on a blue dolphin
Nigga roundin' round with like hella choppers
Every time I need new surgery I gon call up my head doctor
5 more thousands cause she ain't got no head problems
Yeah, all my niggas they be bleedin' nigga
They ain't gon' never cheat a nigga
Pop her while I'm ill in any season, nigga
I'ma bag her every time I see her, nigga
Fishing hoes with my hook
Pockets all swollen, no book
Glasses on, she don't know how I look
Since I'm on how the fuck do I look? (I'm on, I'm on)
You ain't got no milli, you can't tell me how I look
I'm a big old Blood over here, I'm Suge

[Hook: Young Thug]

[Verse 3: Boosie Badazz]
You ain't read the paper, you ain't seen the news
Got a team of goons bout action
Never started, but I finish it so nasty
Ask em, they know bout me
I'm so Keyshia with the 9, rock a bye baby
So smooth, so fly baby, rock a bye baby
Let me turn up now, 4 shows a week
100 thousand a piece, we getting bread now
Mama don't worry bout nothin'
You can kick up your legs now
I ain't lying, got hitters on top of hitters
Got hitters on top of hitters
Rest in peace to my nigga Lil Bleek
I miss you, I miss you nigga
Just tryna live and have a lil fun nigga
Nephew just came home, half a million dollar bond nigga
I got fans that bust yo ass, you talk bout Boosie baby
Got off my ass, went got that bag and Boosie made it
Hate that, nigga

[Hook: Young Thug]

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