Destroyed Songtext - Young Thug

Destroyed - Young Thug

[Hook: Duke]
She done came in my life and tried to destroy it
Every time I lay eyes on ma' I just wanna fuck her
To put my lil baby in her she had an abortion
Even though we love eachother we can't show emotions
Now she see me turned up now she looking at a fortune
Everytime I put out something new I get an endorsement
I'm tryna go to the 'lot, buy his and hers new Porsches
Marry her for one year then I'm gonna get divorced quick

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
No Aston Martin I come through in Porsches
Let down the roof I just had an abortion
Come from the ghetto - cocaine on my forces
Bursting the pedal I'm screeching them forges
Can't go to sleep when I'm behind the wheel
In the F and I'm gripping I'm slipping I'm sorry
Her mama be telling me Kevin do better
I'm thugging can't help it I'm cautious
Bad chick looking all small I don't get tired
I just pull up lamb skin on the inside
Bae I been hurt, this shit ain't personal
Lean I be sipping just bought me a personal
Convicted felon of course there some things
I can't tell you about you know how we lurking
Two in the morning while up in the passenger
Kush in my lungs lick your lips we be flirting
Toes by your kneecaps looks baby no swerving
You say I'm flyer than Julius Erving
Can't fall in love I'm too scared you gone hurt me
Go back to prison Bae you might desert me
Grind hard in the trap with the (cut) I be serving
Police pull us over no talking they searching
Arrogant swagger no lights camera action
If I was offensive I said it on purpose


[Verse 2: Birdman]
What's bracking, tie that rag
Round your head like a taliban
Jewellery loud, ambulance
Birds flying, Peter Pan
Who the man? I'm the man
Stunna man, hundred bands
In every pocket fam
Shrimps and crabs, designer pants
Lobster crabs with them crab cakes
40 bands in them Bathing Apes
Chicken, come and get a dinner plate
Stomach fat cus I already ate
Work the clock straight from 8 to 8
Move that work like a landscape
No vacation it's a pay-cation
Half a bill and they still hating
Birds connect nigga from A to Z
And I can send for them bandos
Big cash strap so they no not to play with me
And I can send em off in your honour
All they gotta do is say the word
Rolling dice on that curb
When the pig bye-bye we shoot birds
I be the Birdman bitch you heard


[Verse 3: Young Thug]
Pull up at the Hammersmith suite
And swap out some head
I got hoes from different seasons
I swear they change like a bed
I'm a dinosaur B, my pants cold
On my phone is a nick
Get naked just like the D'Angelo - yeah
Yeah you a lake
Baby girl know not to get comfortable
On any given day she look hunchable
I'm a blood with them birds like the cardinals
Yeah - no game - no carnivals
No, SnoopDogg but she boneable
I'm a, ninja like Raphael
Jim Jones tell a baby I'm cappo
Baby pop that pussy like a snapple
Pop pop that pussy
My ring cost a whole lotta money and it kushy
No treat me like no packed out club
Boy don't push me
Have your head ready for the mistress
You just cut my heart with a bushes
Blowing white paper - no dentist
Get a nigga talk he a wussy
I'll - shoot that pussy cus


[Verse 4: Duke]
I can never play with these lil bitches
If I fuck her gotta pay these bitches
Running with Thugga running up digits
Hundred dollar bills stacked like 4 midgets
Got a camel toe then you know she a pigeon
Got a lot of hoes and my sack be religious
Go down real low and I might just kiss her
Hit me in Atlanta station just my twist her
Pull up in the Aston, Martin
Bad bitch, sorry
You can't even call or get my digits
She gorgeous
Came in my life and she tryna destroy it
She's so spoilt
In front of her face and I just can't ignore her
We gotta stick together like dinosaurs
Gotta be gentle you can't be too rough

[Outro - MPA Duke]
You know
I been through so much shit with girls
You know
It's like I'm cold hearted
I don't feel shit
Don't blame me
Blame your bitch


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