Dream (feat. Yak Gotti) Songtext - Young Thug

Dream (feat. Yak Gotti) - Young Thug

[Hook: Young Thug]
A young nigga's life is a dream (yeah)
We ain't lettin' no hoes get between (us)
When my diamonds speak, they say "bling" (yeah)
Yellow diamonds, no crime scene (yeah)
This that rich shit, I eat fish and grits
Catch me boolin' with my dogs, just like Michael Vick
I don't give no damn if they throw it off, I won't fuckin' miss
Bitch I'm so up, no Sleepy Brown, wouldn't talk to him 'bout shit
Ya dig?

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I want you to talk to the hand while I talk to bands
I might gone and stop playing, take over the lands
My money long as school buses, ain't talkin' no Xans
Sit still, I'm cool coming, pull up and then spray it
50 dub, know I'm sayin'? 100 bloods in my fam
100 bloods, they not fans, fuck the beach, I got sand
PS3, I'm not playin', go gentle on my lil' man
She wanna stay where I'm stayin', I'm booted up, I could land
My car is fast, I should drag, Versace white, Ku Klux Klan
Don't care if he's Crip, he still fam, no A.M., bitch, I am
But when I do I might need help up
And I wanna be like Mike and I ain't talkin' Phelps, but


[Verse 2: Yak Gotti]
Hey how you doin'? I'm Yak Gotti, I got bodies on bodies
I'm with Thugger, that's my woadie, yeah my round
That's my compadre
And we solid, oh so solid, if I get caught I won't say nothin'
YSL, bitch we mobbin', I'm forreal, this beat knockin'
Trigger, boy I got you, Rico, boy I got you
I'm livin' out my dreams, broke is not an option
Yeah I'm livin' out my dreams, broke is not an option


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