Purple Songtext - Young Thug

Purple - Young Thug

Purp, purp, purp, purp, purp, purp, purp, purp, purp, purp, purp
(Shout to nigga young Takeoff, bro)
(Hold on, bang)

This that lifestyle on that purple
This that lifestyle on that purple, purple
This that lifestyle of the unheard
Yeaaaah, this that lifestyle on that purple
Purple drank, purple dank, mix that purple
Purple kushy, purpy dank, mix that purple
I need me some percocets

I might take me a half
Fuck it, I might take another half and a dab
I might just put an 8 inch inside my abs

[Verse 1]
Grab my syrup, my smoke
Then lock and load
Them percys on my hands, I spent 20 bands to be froze
And that's why know all about 'em
That Act fuckin' with your back like Ricky no Bobby
And all I want is a muthafuckin' cup full of H
She know not grab the cup, when I pour up, no way
All my broadies know I'mma keep it funky like a head
And by the end of line, I'm on at least 'bout 8
And then I told my daughters what? This what I said


[Verse 2]
Geeked outta my mind, I'm geeked out
I swear, she so freaked out
Old school cutlass with the T's out
Dinosaur, big B's out
Climax service in a tree house
If a nigga owe, then fee the house
Rich car service takin' me out
Baby pop Cris' while you naked
Me and mama ears on berguettes
I'mma still throw if she ain't worth it
I'mma keep goin' like a poet
Drank that pussy like Moet
Work on that dick, no surgery
Ban that pussy like a break in
Pussy so good I ain't comin out, I'ma stay in


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