Lights And Camera Songtext - Yuna

Lights And Camera - Yuna

[Verse 1: Yuna]
Struck a pose
And if someone help you put lipstick on
Yeah, high heels now you're six feet tall
And everybody knows who you are
And nobody cares if your heart is aching
Nobody cares if you want no more
Nobody wants to know you cried the night before

Vaster your dreams and your hopes into it
Everything you used to know is gone
And you're slipping into in your own
Trying not to lose yourself

Cause these lights won't kill me now
Saying these clothes won't change me now
Saying these words won't scare me now
Saying I will be myself
I will be myself

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
Got singed and my life changed
People acting like I've changed
It's still the same old Gerald
With a bus pass I don't drive range
Guess I keep it just to say I do
I haven't been home in like a month or two
I mean to tell the truth I ain't have a day to even buy a car if I wanted to
Yea I got money now but everything changed in just a blink
Like I don't even know what to think
For like ten years I could touch the brink
I mean it's tough to last there's evidence
I mean I'm not trying to be a pessimist
I mean I'm just trying to make sense of this
I mean I don't know I guess it's just
People saying I should keep in touch
But truth be told I ain't sleeping much
It's so non stop it's so much pressure
There's plenty times I need a rush
Fuck am I saying I love this shit I'm supposed to be here
This is my dream I focus see clear
It's all your choice if you chose to see fear

[Refrain + Chorus x 2]

[Refrain 2]
Nobody cares if your heart is aching
Nobody cares if you want no more
Nobody wants to know
Nobody cares at all


I want to be myself [x3]

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