Yoshi City Songtext - Yung Lean

Yoshi City - Yung Lean

[Hook x2]
Stockholm city we're burned out
Yoshi city we burn it down
I guess it's my turn now
Smoking loud I'm a lonely cloud
I'm a lonely cloud, with my windows down
I'm a lonely, lonely, I'm a lonely, lonely

[Verse: 1]
Be the only hope I got left
Blessed without success
Fuck stress I'm gonna trust the best
I'm nervous that she's so upset
She don't want me, bitch I'm flustered
I'm an aristocrat without the progress
Roses all on her wedding dress, blood from her mouth, I'm a mess
Alien faces everywhere I go
Downtown bitch that's where I smoke
Got my heart next to my phone
Do or die? Stupid high
Lonely nights, finna sacrifice
Fuck your life I need mine
I'll take yours and rewind
Walk in my shoes you'll see why
Fuck everyone, I don’t reply
Sad boys bitch we world wide
Grey sweatshirt, L size
Wakizashi and grape Nikes
Fuck norms, fuck a normal life
Fuck norms I'll break em out
A year and I'll blow that’s what I said
Lean, lean, lean you got it in your head
Like a disease you know I spread
I can't sleep with out you on my bed
Yoshi city, that's the town
All me, I came up now
Sad boys, time to burn it down
Windows down, face out
Squad up when we riding now
We riding now

[Hook x4]

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