Different Kind Of Fine Songtext - Zac Brown Band

Different Kind Of Fine - Zac Brown Band

She'll make a train take a dirt road
or make it stop on a dime
make em wonder which way to go
make a man change his mind
she's a lawyers queen
and a truckers dream
in a baseball hat fit for a queen
a genuine a different kind of fine

Cadillacs and Caviar
Well that ain't how she rolls
implants and tummy tucks
she sure don't need those
she's a cool drink of water
when the summer's mean
poured into those Levi jeans
she's country as the day is long


Tan and lean like a longneck bottle
in the passenger seat got her hand on the throttle
she'll get you there
right on time
lord take you down to Tijuana
make you wanna slap ya mama
got ya all tore up
made you spill your dip cup
a bona fide a different kind of fine

Chorus X2

Lord Lord

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