She's Not Me, Pt. 1 & 2 Songtext - Zara Larsson

She's Not Me, Pt. 1 & 2 - Zara Larsson

[Vocal Layer 1: Canibus]
I got bored with four beats to the measure

Professor speech compressor terminated his tenure to explore more rewarding adventure
Take a closer look at the bars
You'll see I'm not behind them or in front of them, I'm one of them
Started with a 100, the Game spit 3, I said, "Fuck it
I'ma have to show these niggas something"
Too easy, who'd believe me if I said that it wasn't?
The rhyme is a weapon, I bust it, the Brotherhood got me covered
OP orders with coordinates where to drop mortars

I drive forward, sandstorms make my eyes water
Skull is a submarine hull
Dolphin phones screen calls from places as far away as A.G.C.R
The rhymes are raw, deeper than yours

You crawled before you walked but didn't think about your thoughts before you talked
We spit for sport, I won you lost

But you paid them off to nail my corpse to a cross
This is 'The Greatest Rhyme of All Time' supposedly

1000 Bars it will probably always be
Mentally top heavy, not many can rock with me

Hip Hop could not bench me so they plot to suspend me
I said, "Nobody benefits, everyone perishes"

I tell them this, they say, "Here, it's time for your medicine"
Imagine being fined over a rhyme for stepping over the line

When I inspired Hova and Nas
I listened to '44 4's' 22 times
'I Gave You Power', God stop my heart if I'm lying
You like red or white wine? Let's talk about it I'm buying
Let's talk about the Children of Zion, excuse me if I start crying
The art of rhyming? I've mastered it certainly, surely

I'll celebrate capturing it for my taxidermy

From the streets of New Jersey to Germany

To the jungles of Angola where most the meat poachers heard of me
The Ice Truck Killer will be observing me perform surgery
Ritual Widow Murder, searching for her urgently
Mix the blood so it don't coagulate
The sex magik won't work if the bitch masturbates
I put her on cloud nine, look at her face

A cumulus lenticularis, a capsule in Space
You will become acquainted with my cryptic language
And my mystic manners, Rip spit bananas
Systematic Global geographic systemic neosynapsis

Reload the graphics, notice I spit it rapid
Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility
Most MCs try to clone me lyrically
My cell chemistry is a mirror of who I am physically
But my true symmetry is energy
The Will of Claude Ashur
The skill of GermaineFather Author Poor Pauper Pastor, more than a rapper
My body is a human machine, my dreams filter in between

Just wait until I build my machine
Kill you with weed vapour, then a taser, then a laser
Then a maser, then a phaser, then something they call scalar
"That is not dead which can eternally lie

And with strange aeons even death may die"
But why? Coup de gr

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