Sex Wax (feat. Collie Buddz) Songtext - Zion I

Sex Wax (feat. Collie Buddz) - Zion I

Yeah, fill up mi cup,
Die {?} and nah di gyal ah me show love
We ravin, yet you know {Wow}
Dee way you move gyal,
You got me singing la la la la la la
Ey, do you ting now,
Whine up your body like na na na na na na
Ey, do you ting now,
Whine up your body like
Cause every time Im at the party
Somebody getting naughty
My homie always told, he was think you was a molly
Drop it like the sun getting hot to the drum
Shawty quit her job while she shaking up her bum
Lap away the doll drums and let the rhythm run
But you cross like a soldier, breath inside my lung
cause I know the world gonn pressure you
To calculate your funds
Oh no no no, money make the world go, oh so low
Relaxing have a good time, blow more smoke
To motivate the hood man, thats no joke
Ima do it for my folks, blocks, blicks in the air
like you don't care, keep it real, face rattled in the notes
Here, we share another cheer, new year
We arrive rather laugh, in the crowd, we survives
Cause every time Im at the party
She shaking up her body,
Loosen up the she be practicing Pilates
Balance and her beauty got the do
I only wanna love her couple hours plus a few
Moments like a century, it shouldnt bee too long
Share some conversation, after hours on the long
We saw the crack of dawn, she was backing up her booty
But the music getting to me
Oh no no no, here to have a good time, take it slow
You wanna beat the bass line, just say so
You gotta move your waistline, come more close
Feel the breath on your throat, really though
A little bit of game from theknow you fly in the news
You so dope in your clothes,
And I hope the pose got you wet, supersoaked
From your head to your toes, sex wax for your coat

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