Selfish Girl Songtext - Zita Swoon

Selfish Girl - Zita Swoon

You selfish girls
Go blame it all on me
The nightmares and the dreams
The kisses in the wind
You haunt my memory
you love me baby till I bleed

Do we believe in love?
Do we exist at all?
Should I return your call?
Will we rise or will we fall?

You six months itch
You stay away from me
I recognize your fear
I also had my share
The darkness that we're in
Will disappear when we leave it there

Does love mean sacrifice?
Can hearts just turn to ice?
Will time tell wrong from right?
With a little luck we'll survive this fight

A lot of damage has been done
Confidence broken and on the run

Hey I don't mean to hit
I just get angry bout the anger that you did
I had hoped you'd catch on
You'd understand me when I sad I was gone
Now close your roving eye
And leave me be in my saint's disguise

What lies benath our words?
With sex we're blessed and cursed
Is truth a joke or worse?
Every deep believer is bound to burst

When all the thinking's done
Who's bored and who had fun?
I can't believe this song
I will drink for you 'till the morning comes

Do we believe in love?
Do we exist at all?

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