Braindead - Twine Remix Songtext - Zomboy

Braindead - Twine Remix - Zomboy

How to produce a club track today
Just follow the instructions
And you'll be an electronic music producer
In no time
Step number 1
Open you crap software
And import a Random loop
Like this (this...)
Now you need a phat ass drop
(Phat ass Drop)
Here comes the clap
Phaat ass drop
Military drums
Don't forget some levels
Now and then use the clash
Snare drums can't get enough
Okay now we need some phat distortion
More distortion
I said more distortion
Time for another phat ass drop
Make some noise with stadium hornes
Take out the base drum
Break down
Hi hats
Now it's the time for a brake
Stop the beats
Get some keys
And call it melody
Now add some vocal cuts
Like this (this...)
And one more phat ass drop
Military drums
Now create a facebook page
And post this crap

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